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Lifelog Health is a digital health information consulting and managed services company focused on bringing the most advanced data management and wearable technology applications to healthcare worldwide.

Lifelog Health has partnered with World Media & Technology Corporation (World) to be a distribution channel of all HELO related products and services into the US healthcare.

World is a publicly traded (WRMT) international network marketing (C2C) technology company with an experienced management team, five years of revenue generation, and $157 million in earnings for 2016. World has a sales and marketing license agreement with World Global Network (WGN) to bring the HELO and other World products and services directly to consumers.

World has partnered with Toshiba Corp, the $50 billion Japanese technology company, to utilize the Toshiba ApP Lite™ biosensor technology in the HELO LX as the first major wearable product to come to market with nearly 300,000 units sold since May 2016.

The HELO LX is the only wearable health band on the market today providing estimations measuring heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quality, electrocardiogram (ECG) and, later in 2017, blood oxygen, blood alcohol, blood temperature, and blood sugar – the disrupter in the lives of 100s of millions of diabetics.

Here is a video showing the new HELO LX


Get the best for your lifestyle, fitness goals, and health programs with the HELO LX in a practical and convenient box set. Through our WeCare Wellness app, you can include other HELO customers as  wellness pals in your journey.

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HELO LX Family Pack

The perfect HELO LX package for your family and loved ones, with the opportunity to build you a business includes 4x HELO with Box Set, plus one 5-Pack Colored Bands.

Get with your Consultant for Purchases

HELO LX Premium Pack

The HELO LX Premium package includes six HELO Box Sets with six 5-Colored Bands Packs, and one additional HELO LX plus Colored Bands Pack FREE. This is the best option to get started in piloting the HELO with your health and wellness team.

Get with your Consutlant for Purchases

Our Managed Services Programs

For those organizations that wish to serve a larger population, Lifelog Health has created a managed services program where we work with you to custom design your health and wellness programs to take full advantage of all that the HELO and Lifelog Health offers.

If you are managing a Fitness Center with 1000s of members, a Medical Home Practice, the owner of a Home Care agency, a Primary Care Physician looking to better engage your patients in their health maintenance and care decisions, or a Health Plan providing Wellness and Care Coordination services to your members, partnering with Lifelog Health is the way to go.

Just send us a request to discuss your needs and one of our associates will plan a time to talk convenient to your schedule.

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If you are interested in learning how you may join the Lifelog Health team, become a distributor, or a strategic partner, touch base with our business development staff.