Assessing the HELO LX

This is a request for proposals to collaborate in the testing of the HELO LX Health Band for your specific use case in serving your patients, members, employees, and/or clients.

Whether you are in the business of:

  • Health Services
  • Home Care
  • Primary Care
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Commercial Driving
  • Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living
  • Health Plan & Insurance
  • Child Protection Services
  • Addiction Services

There is opportunity for you to lead your industry in the adoption of the latest advances in wearable health technology.  Whether you are in the business of serving individual customers, providers, or managers, or group health, fitness and information platforms, you are looking for the best technology to gather accurate, real time data and make that date available to multiple stakeholders in the form of actionable data.  The HELO LX program gathers, stores, analyzes and presents Personally [Patient] Generated Health Data.  (See addendum for a definition.)

The HELO LX is an elegant health band that captures:

Lifelog Health is an ever-expanding personal care and fitness ecosystem.  The HELO LX Health and Fitness Band is the ONLY dermal-cloud interface™ using Toshiba’s ApP Lite™ Photoplethysmography Biosensor technology taking measurements 24/7/365:

  • measures and records (at user-set intervals) multiple biometric data to create a person’s bio-profile in real-time,;
  • measures and records GPS information
  • calculates calories burn
  • tracks and charts gathered data
  • with user approval, shares data with up to 20 others (parents, children, physicians, coaches, etc.)
  • enables user-set biometric panic levels
  • sends GPS specific “panic alert” to user set people.

Currently, the HELO LX Health and Fitness Band tracks a person’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, physical activity such as steps and distance, calories burned, sleep patterns, and perform a two-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG Rhythm Strip).  Soon, new apps will include the capacity to measure, record and track blood oxygen (fitness/chronic disease), blood alcohol (pre-driving and addiction management), temperature (fever), and blood sugar (no more daily finger sticks!).

With the HELO mobile app a person (and those they give permission to) can see and track all of the above data plus user weight.  Moreover, a person can set parameters that will create alerts for them, caregivers and/or family when readings fall outside their personally-set parameters.

By enabling individuals with the latest in personal health technology, we help provide the detailed information that individuals need to live healthier, safer and more active lives.  Information that their personal health consultants and care teams (e.g., physicians, nurses, trainers and family members) need to follow and rely upon to create personal care plans with the individual.

Only on the market since May of 2016, there are currently over 200,000 HELO customers worldwide. HELO was not made available in the US until October of 2016. It is expected that there will be an additional 2,000,000 HELO customers by year end 2017 with primary sales in the US. Wor(l)d Media & Technology Corporation, as the manufacturer company, has the production capacity of 2,000,000 units per month.

The Lifelog Health programs and applications can be customized to specific use through our OpenAPI platform which facilitates easy exchange of data and sharing of health information thru existing or new technology.

The HELO AppStore

Unlike other less functional wearables, with HELO, developers can code their own HELO Apps and plugins to expand or enhance the existing HELO applications.  Developers have access to all HELO users worldwide, providing solutions such as wellness programs, nutritional meals, fitness videos, concierge health, etc..  The HELO AppStore provides developers a totally new sales channel for their ideas and talents.  Future HELO apps will come from innovators around the world, as well as the talented Wor(l)d development team.  The next in the series of new app releases will be fall 2017.


Our OpenAPI means that partner organizations, developers and programmers will have access HELO Health and Fitness Band specifications and technology.  The HELO LX is a broad platform bringing customer-focused services, data exchange benefits for partner businesses, and solutions for developers to expand their creativity and innovation.

The Lifelog Health MiNT Platform

Through the Lifelog Health MiNT™ Platform, we are able to convert all data  from the HELO applications into HL7, ADT, CCD, CCDA, C37, DICOM format for import into Electronic Health Record applications efficient and accurate interoperability while assuring security, patient consent and PHI confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Together, the AppStore, OpenAPI, and MiNT™ platform increase the functionality of the HELO ecosystem and multiply the benefits to all users, health service providers and HELO wearers worldwide.

The HELO LX WeCare Wellness Function

Health care providers, case managers, friends and family members can monitor and check the collected data of patients or family members from their smart phone or dashboard (coming soon) through the HELO WeCare™ application – with just a tap.  WeCare™ is our engagement and team support function that allows a wearer to share HELO data with 1-20 others; and/or to remotely check the wellness of others.

HELO in the Health Care Setting

Patient engagement, chronic care management, value-based health care (MACRA, 30 Day/Remits), transitional care, nurse case management, etc., are all parts of healthcare extending the traditional practice of medicine and the health management of their patients.

The adoption of electronic medical records, secured messaging, patient portals, telehealth, and remote monitoring of patients is making communication with patients easier yet much more complex.  HELO Lifelog enables physicians and other health consultants to design care plans specific to their individual patient’s needs based upon the point-in-time and longitudinal data captured from the patient themselves while engaged in their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).  Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) is the pathway to next generation health management and precision care planning.  With Lifelog Health’s HELO LX Health Band and the patient’s permission, physicians can access the information needed to assess patient health data — trending throughout the day, week and month.

HELO in the Home Care Setting

There are 12,300 home care agencies available to serve the 55 million older adults in the United States.  While individual life expectancy continues to expand and financial assets shrink, monitoring options are limiting this population’s options in late stage life.  As the industry and the population it serves grows, tech-enablement have begun to take play a greater role.  The future of tech-enabled home care presents opportunities that can differentiate the early adopters from their rival home care agencies.  Lifelog Health brings to the home care company inexpensive technology — the HELO LX Health Band — to assist in monitoring existing clients while enabling the company to expand its customer base to new clients who are not ready for home care services.  It’s so much more than a wall mounted Nurse Call button or a “Help I’ve fallen” device.

HELO in the Wellness Program

Workplace wellness is no longer a “nice-to-have” program.  Business leaders know that happy, healthy employees are a key to higher employee productivity and lower organizational spend – both critical to success.  According to ABI Research, 13 million wearable devices will be integrated into corporate wellness plans over the next five years.  Encouraging employees to use wearable fitness devices to track their movement, sleep and eating habits and to share their accomplishments with their colleagues, can motivate an entire organization, leading to healthier lives at the office and at home, resulting in less sick days, lower health insurance premiums and higher productivity.

The Lifelog Health HELO LX Health and Fitness Band to measure an employee’s activity, sleeping patterns, vital bio-signs, and other accountability measures increasingly makes living healthier easier.  With the importance of employee health emphasized by leadership, HR departments are quickly catching on to the utility of wearable wellness as a way to encourage employees to develop healthy lifestyles.

The HELO in the Transportation Industry

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy/fatigued driving accounts for 72,000 crashes per year and more than 800 deaths.  Driver fatigue is a concern among “regular” drivers, but it’s even more of an issue for commercial drivers.  Why?  Because research indicates that commercial drivers only get about half of the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night.  When driving is the main duty, it’s no accident that the lack of sleep is a problem – a serious one.

By using the HELO LX Health and Fitness Band combining the sleep quality report with the other measurements of heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and activity over a period of time, the individual or their company risk management / wellness team can monitor fatigue.  Imagine how real time blood alcohol readings from drivers will impact every aspect of the transportation industry.

Data may predictors of infection or disease, used in remote monitoring of the health status of drivers, help reduce lost productivity due to illness, and help attain overall better health of drivers.

HELO LX in the Fitness Training Program

The fitness, exercise and sports training industry is evolving and responding to new wearables.  Client accountability to the workout, trainer and one’s self are becoming motivators through the use of the immediate performance summaries from wearable technology.  With the goals and numbers accessible during each workout as constant reminders, trainees are taking charge of their own fitness goals.  The reliable reminders from wearable technology are helping them find new ways to include more exercise in their lives.  Whether they are tracking steps throughout the day, monitoring calories burned or track heart rate during an intensive workout in a group-fitness class, users are relentlessly looking to more accurately monitor their efforts and more quickly achieve their goals.

With the HELO LX, trainers can track all the fitness activities and vitals bio-signs throughout the workouts.  Soon, the Lifelog Health Sports Performance platform will be available giving coaches access to information that was previously unavailable, with 24/7 insights into their athletes’ well-being.  Competitive Health™ allows a coach to train more effectively and efficiently than ever before.  Coaches can know which athletes will be more prone to a mental error due to lack of sleep, or which athletes need to take a day off because their practice mileage has hit its weekly limit.  This knowledge equips coaches to push each athlete to their limit while maintaining their safety, allowing the athletes to perform their best in both practice and competition.

HELO LX in the Pharmacy and Pharma CRO Setting

There are 23,000 independent locally owned pharmacies in the US who are competing every day to differentiate themselves from the big box stores such as Walmart, CVS Health, and Walgreens. Local owners must continue to promote what makes them different than the competition to help keep current customers and get new ones.

Pharmacists in all sectors are leveraging technology to provide patient care services and medication therapy management (MTM). MTM services include comprehensive medication reviews, medication reconciliation, drug use review, the ordering and review of lab tests, immunizations, drug dosage adjustments, and identification of gaps in care. Pharmacists have been performing MTM services for Medicare and private health plans are beginning to reimburse for more MTM.

One trend that is developing is the adoption of personally generated data, or PGHD, to assist pharmacists in tracking how a patient is doing on a new medication. By studying changes in a patient’s heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure and sleep patterns before and after a medication has been prescribed can help the pharmacist determine how the patient is reacting. When there are variations over time, these could be indications the patient is not absorbing the medication appropriately, or they may be having adverse reactions based upon the combination of other medications they are taking.

The same for the pharmaceutical research business (CRO); PGHD from wearables become much more interesting when activity and sleep data are correlated with other data being collected at the clinical research site. This correlation can provide context as to why activity, sleep or heart rate levels may have fluctuated during the study period. Researchers can then uncover important patterns such as a participant being less active on days that a medication dose is missed or a participant sleeping more after taking the medication, indicating drowsiness as a possible side effect – and of course many more examples.

The opportunity the pharmacy and the pharma CRO has to adopting a wearable health band that captures these important measurements throughout the day and night would raise the quality of care they are providing to their patients, increase the engagement of their patients in their own care and the quality of discussions with their pharmacist, and the better outcomes and happy patients will mean more referral business from the community.

The Lifelog Health HELO LX Testing Proposal

The Lifelog Health team will work closely with your team to test the utility of the HELO LX and the Lifelog Health ecosystem’s benefit in your particular use case.  This very simple program will introduce you and your team to the latest in wearable health technology to observe and learn how it can be most effective in your unique population.

We recommend the purchase of the Test Package of 5 HELO LXs which includes 3 months of report sharing and data hosting at a cost totaling = $1,995.

If your test population is larger, you may request more in your proposal and we will calculate the cost appropriately to your budget.

Lifelog Health will ensure HELO delivery and provide training, set up and WeCare™ enrollment.

Please submit your proposal to the Lifelog Health Consultant that shared this information with you, or directly to:

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