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About the HELO into Healthcare Manifesto by Dr. Gordon Jones

Hello and welcome to your Manifesto for learning how to effectively bring the HELO LX and other advanced wearable and Internet of Things devices into the business and care models of healthcare.

Herein you will garner the insight of my 30+ years in healthcare, most in what we call digital health covering all healthcare technology. I not only have experience working within the giants of digital health, billion dollar companies like McKesson and West Corp., but with many innovative startups disrupting specific sectors of healthcare.

You’ll learn more about me in the Manifesto, but I wanted to thank you for your confidence in my experience and my skills in educating and evangelizing the need and opportunity we have in bringing the HELO into Healthcare.

I have created this in book form as a consolidation of all my presentations developed since I became a WGN distributor specifically to bring the HELO into Healthcare. I have converted the scripts into text so that you may see the slide images and read the context of the information.

Below, I provide a few of the slides for your review. You should take special note of the slide where I present the revenue that comes from enabling a typical two doctor practice to bring 500 of the 4000 patient base onto the HELO. It is immediately after the Income Disclosure Notice slide of course!

Below that presentation, I give you two payment options to make your purchase via PayPal or Square. Either way is fine with me, but you ask “if this is part of your mission, why are you charging me?”

I have been working on this model of bringing the HELO into Healthcare since Dec 2016 in spite of WGN’s difficulties. It is based upon my 30 years in the digital health space and last 3 years in wearable health tech – it is my life’s work! I am providing this to you because I have been requested by 1000’s WGN distributors to help them understand healthcare and learn how to sell into this conservative business. The problem is that my time is very limited as you will learn in the discussion of my background.

I believe I have priced it at a level of which is very low, especially when it would take three full days to run through all this information if we flew into Las Vegas and met at the Sands spending $1000s of your dollars otherwise.

This will help us all sell, generate profits, and serve the market need.

If you want more training after this, you can join our HELOCollective.com and get much more!

Be Well, DrJ

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