HELO in the Health Care Setting

Patient engagement, chronic care management, value-based health care (MACRA, 30 Day/Remits), transitional care, nurse case management, etc., are all parts of healthcare extending the traditional practice of medicine and the health management of their patients.

The adoption of electronic medical records, secured messaging, patient portals, telehealth, and remote monitoring of patients is making communication with patients easier yet much more complex.  HELO Lifelog enables physicians and other health consultants to design care plans specific to their individual patient’s needs based upon the point-in-time and longitudinal data captured from the patient themselves while engaged in their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) is the pathway to next generation health management and precision care planning.  With Lifelog Health’s HELO LX Health Band and the patient’s permission, physicians can access the information needed to assess patient health data — trending throughout the day, week and month.