HELO in the Fitness Training Program

The fitness, exercise and sports training industry is evolving and responding to new wearables.  Client accountability to the workout, trainer and one’s self are becoming motivators through the use of the immediate performance summaries from wearable technology.  With the goals and numbers accessible during each workout as constant reminders, trainees are taking charge of their own fitness goals.  The reliable reminders from wearable technology are helping them find new ways to include more exercise in their lives.  Whether they are tracking steps throughout the day, monitoring calories burned or track heart rate during an intensive workout in a group-fitness class, users are relentlessly looking to more accurately monitor their efforts and more quickly achieve their goals.

With the HELO LX, trainers can track all the fitness activities and vitals bio-signs throughout the workouts.  Soon, the Lifelog Health Sports Performance platform will be available giving coaches access to information that was previously unavailable, with 24/7 insights into their athletes’ well-being.  Competitive Health™ allows a coach to train more effectively and efficiently than ever before.  Coaches can know which athletes will be more prone to a mental error due to lack of sleep, or which athletes need to take a day off because their practice mileage has hit its weekly limit.  This knowledge equips coaches to push each athlete to their limit while maintaining their safety, allowing the athletes to perform their best in both practice and competition.