Our OpenAPI means that partner organizations, developers and programmers will have access HELO Health and Fitness Band specifications and technology.  The HELO LX is a broad platform bringing customer-focused services, data exchange benefits for partner businesses, and solutions for developers to expand their creativity and innovation.

The Lifelog Health MiNT Platform

Through the Lifelog Health MiNT™ Platform, we are able to convert all data  from the HELO applications into HL7, ADT, CCD, CCDA, C37, DICOM format for import into Electronic Health Record applications efficient and accurate interoperability while assuring security, patient consent and PHI confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

The HELO LX WeCare Wellness Function

Health care providers, case managers, friends and family members can monitor and check the collected data of patients or family members from their smart phone or dashboard (coming soon) through the HELO WeCare™ application – with just a tap.  WeCare™ is our engagement and team support function that allows a wearer to share HELO data with 1-20 others; and/or to remotely check the wellness of others.

Together, the AppStore, OpenAPI™, MiNT™ and WeCare™ platforms increase the functionality of the Lifelog Health ecosystem multiplying the benefits to all users, health service providers and HELO wearers worldwide.